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Experiences - BioBalance7

“Just over 10 years ago I underwent open heart surgery and had various bypasses After that comes rehabilitation, a change of eating habits, a building-up and further recovery of the body.

The gut is also a part of this. After a number of years a certain fatigue came over me. What could be the cause of this? I also noticed that my intestines weren’t functioning as they should.

By coincidence I was alerted to BioBalance7. After thoroughly studying the product, I bought it and started taking it. It took more than a month before it took effect but then my intestines started functioning properly again and the bloating went away.

Now after all these years I can still say that I feel fitter after using BioBalance7. Because of the supportive effect of this product, I now have regular bowel movements.”



Since using BioBalance7, I rarely have cold sores! My resistance has improved a lot.



I use BioBalance7 as a maintenance agent. I feel fitter and my bloating goes away quickly when I take an extra dose.



For years I suffered from haemorrhoids. Since using BioBalance7, my bowel movements have become a lot better. Now if I have a haemorrhoid I wet a piece of kitchen roll with BioBalance7 and put it on my haemorrhoid. And the haemorrhoid just goes away. What a joy!



I am a fanatical athlete. However, the lactic acid in my muscles was very troublesome. Now that I use BioBalance7, I have far less problems with this.



Very interesting, the intestinal flora. But BioBalance7 also works great externally: on wounds, (mouth/skin) inflammations, acne, athlete’s foot, heat rash (groin, armpits, breasts), etc. BioBalance7 on a piece of kitchen roll with bandage around it. Definitely worth a try!!

-Small city-


My daughter suffered a lot from acne. She uses a double dose of BioBalance7 a day and the acne is gone.



About twenty years ago I started having health struggles. Having to hang around in the hospital for almost two years, where I underwent countless tests to find out where my diarrhoea, blood in my stools, and severe abdominal pain came from. They found out that I have Crohn’s disease. I was told that my intestines would have to be removed within one year. I started looking for an alternate solution. For twenty years I dealt with a urologist in Heerenveen. Until I heard from (Dutch Data Protection Officer) Mr Oostenveld that there was a new solution. This was BioBalance7. I was sceptical at first. But because it’s a natural product, I figured it couldn’t hurt. My diarrhoea was over after another six months. I only need to go to the toilet once or twice a day instead of 4 to 5 times a day. Also, my stool was always runny and there was often blood, this is no longer the case. After using BioBalance7, I no longer have a stomach ache, I still have my intestines, and I do not need a colonoscopy. In addition, I notice that I have more endurance, and I don’t feel so tired anymore. When I have a dip, I take an extra dose of BioBalance7 and feel better quickly. My urologist had advised me to continue with BioBalance7 and not take any other medication.



When I was 18, I was diagnosed with psoriasis. It was a very severe form of psoriasis. When I was 35 I stopped the medication. The doctors and I didn’t see the use any more. J.H. Douwes told me about BioBalance7. I come from the medical world and so I don’t really believe in products like this. Yet, I felt I could be convinced, it doesn’t hurt if you take it. After three days I felt a difference. My body started to feel different. I had no more itching. In the second week there were light circles around the wounds and the redness became less. In the third week, small white pieces of new skin appeared in the middle of the spots. The fourth week the new skin structures increased. By the fifth week the swelling on my body almost completely disappeared and I only had soft pink spots. For the first time since I was 18 I’ve been able to wear short pants. Yet I wanted to know if all this was really because of the BioBalance7. So I stopped. But within four weeks I was once again covered from head to toe with psoriasis. I started up with the BioBalance7 again, and it went away again. I have tested this for a while and investigated further. For me, the solution lies in BioBalance7.

-D. van der Meulen (Orthopedic and Biomechanical technique) –