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Privacy - BioBalance7

BioBalance7, part of the private company Hoogrendement BV, respects the rights of our customers. Equal rights for everyone is not a privilege but a basic principle. We accept the laws and regulations we are subject to without any comments. With this in mind, full compliance with the AVG is a further step. The most important thing is that we deal respectfully with all data made available and known to us that relate to persons/companies.

Our basic principles
Personal data is only processed by Hoogrendement BV in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. With every form of data processing, we will ascertain the importance of protecting the privacy of the data subject, our legal obligations, and the legitimate interest of Hoogrendement BV in carrying out our administrative tasks. The retention period of personal data will not be longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, or on the basis of the laws and regulations applicable to Hoogrendement BV.

What data do we process?
Information that comes to us via the order form is carefully stored. Order forms are stored in our mailbox. This mailbox is protected with a password. Invoices are made on a computer without internet. These invoices are stored on an external server. Data is not saved longer than necessary.

What data do we not process?
We process all data in consultation/assignment with and/or from the customer. We will record all necessary or likely necessary data for this purpose. We never record data that is known to us but has nothing to do with the purpose of the work and the nature of the order. For example, we will not commit to any personal preferences and relationships between individuals that do not relate to the order.

How do we process data?
We are a small company and we process data related to the order only. We use computer and file systems. Our systems are not connected to the internet, everything is stored on its own server.

Storage period
Our computer system is cleaned once a year. We also strive to clean our subsystems (scheduling and message email) after 7 years.

Data security
We take strict measures to protect data. Physical data is only stored in confined spaces and, if necessary, destroyed by Reiswolf Archive Destruction. We can view digital data through internal-based applications worldwide, but are protected by passwords, and everything is stored on private servers. Data transfer is used as much as possible for secure data transmission.

We use our own e-mail server, which is linked to domain mail hosting. The e-mails are kept for a long time on the external mail-host (SMTP and POP service). We strive to have any external storage terminated within one year of the arrival of the mail, and the mail message with potentially personal data is then stored on our own server. Our server is secured, therefore only we have access to the email.

Rights of data subjects
The AVG assigns various rights to persons whose personal data is processed (the data subjects). These rights give those involved more opportunities to check the processing of their personal data. It concerns the following rights:

• Right to information;

• Right of inspection;

• Right to rectification;

• Right to delete data;

• Right to transferability.

Control and supervision

A data protection officer is appointed to carry out checks on the operation of procedures and measures in the context of data protection. You are requested to first address questions and remarks to this officer. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


The role of Data Protection Officer in the sense of the AVG is filled in by Hoogland BV by Mr W. Oostenveld.

Name: W. Oostenveld

Organisation: Hoogrendement BV

Address: Postbus 197, 9250 AD BERGUM

Phone: 0511-432055

E-mail address:

Filing a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority

If you have a complaint about how Hoogrendement BV deals with your data privacy, or if you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint by Hoogrendement BV, please contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority at: