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BioBalance7 is a liquid probiotic. A probiotic contains only good bacteria. Good bacteria are living nutrition organisms that have a positive effect on health. Good bacteria reaches the intestines alive, and this is important because they are able to disable the bad bacteria. Bad bacteria is then eliminated because good bacteria ensures that the intestinal contents become acidic, and bad bacteria can not survive in those conditions. Good bacteria also ensures that bad bacteria get don’t get enough nutrients to survive. The intestinal flora consists of all kinds of bacteria that keep the body in balance. Poor bacteria are therefore the bacteria that are present in too large a quantity. Most diseases arise from the intestinal flora, so it is important to take care of them!

Aside from taking probiotics, it is important to eat well, and varied. In fact, a good mix of bacteria is also in a good mix of various foods. Probiotics give the body an extra boost. If there are too many of a certain type of bacteria in the body, problems can arise. Diarrhoea, inflammation, pain, etc. can seriously disturb the well-being of the digestive tract. It is therefore important to bring the right kinds of bacteria back into balance by means of probiotics. Probiotics can contain different bacteria. There are several types of healthy bacteria. BioBalance7 contains Lactibacillis Brevis and Buchneri which are so-called lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria survive the acids and bile of the body and stay alive in the intestines.

Want a healthy lifestyle with no complaints? Then it is good to use probiotics. Probiotics can be seen as an agent for health maintenance, and some people need this more than others. It is always good to properly maintain your body through the use of probiotics. Everyone suffers at times from the flu, stress, reduced resistance, little sleep, etc. If the body gets a daily dose of probiotics, it can take care of these things faster, and recover more quickly as well.