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Biobalace7 is produced in Burgum. Hoogrendement BV has a warehouse there that is designed to make BioBalance7. This production site meets all the requirements of the nVWA (The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) and is therefore an approved food product. This location quality-checked once a year by the nVWA. BioBalance7 is grown, packaged, and sent to large customers from this location. Due to hygiene and privacy standards, it is not accessible to outsiders.

We have our own laboratory, located within the building. A sample is taken from each round of production so the quality of BioBalance7 can be maintained. This is strictly controlled by our quality manager. If you have any questions or complaints about the quality of BioBalance7, please contact us.

BioBalance7 consists largely of water, therefore, this water is passed through a special purification system in order to maintain optimal quality of BioBalance7. Because more and more different agents are being added to the water, it is not always as pure as needed. We therefore use this purification system to ensure that we can provide clean water. And in this way we can also ensure that the product is as natural as possible.

BioBalance7 is a registered ® brand of Hoogrendement BV.