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Questions - BioBalance7

What does BioBalance7 do?

BioBalance7 balances the bacteria in the body. If your intestinal flora is in balance, you will be less susceptible to illness and other unpleasant symptoms.


Who is BioBalance7 suitable for?

Anyone can use BioBalance7. BioBalance7 can be taken in pure form but can also be mixed with water or other drinks. As long as children are old enough to eat and drink, they can use BioBalance7. BioBalance7 can be taken during pregnancy and lactation. The bacteria are natural and not harmful to mother or child.


When do I notice any effects once I’ve taken BioBalance7?

It is recommended to use BioBalance7 for a minimum of three months. Natural ingredients need some time to balance body.


Is BioBalance7 harmful?

BioBalance7 is not harmful because it contains only natural ingredients.


Does BioBalance7 have any side effects?

When you start using BioBalance7, all lot of (good) things start to happen in your body. Your intestines, in particular, can be a bit upset in the first few days because of this. If so, you can always a smaller dose until your body gets used to BioBalance7.


Can I use BioBalance7 in combination with other medications?

Yes, because BioBalance7 is a natural remedy, it does not affect your other medications.


At what time of the day can I use BioBalance7?

BioBalance7 can be used any time of the day but preferably in the evening before bedtime, or an hour after the last meal.


What are Lactobacillus Brevis & Buchneri?

Lactobacillus Brevis & Buchneri are lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria can survive the acids found in the stomach and can therefore reach the intestines alive.


What are the ingredients of BioBalance7?

Purified water, effective micro-organisms (Lactobacilli Brevis, & Buchneri), cane sugar. See nutritional table.


Where is BioBalance7 produced?

BioBalance7 is produced in Burgum and our production location meets all the requirements of the nVWA.


Is BioBalance7 only for sale in a litre bottle?

BioBalance7 is currently only available in litre bottles.


Where can I buy BioBalance7?

Here you will find the sales addresses.

You can also order it easily via our website. If you order more than 5 bottles, there are no shipping costs.


Why does BioBalance7 sometimes differ in taste and/or smell?

BioBalance7 consists of natural ingredients. Due to the cultivation of these ingredients, the taste and smell can sometimes differ.


How long does BioBalance7 keep once it has been opened?

BioBalance7 has a shelf life of at least 9 months and should be kept in a cool and dark place.