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What is BioBalance7

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BioBalance7 is a liquid probiotic. This means that it consists exclusively of all-natural ingredients, including various types of bacteria that bring the body back into balance. At least 40 million natural bacteria exist per millilitre. These so-called Lactibacillis bacteria strengthen the intestinal flora. Around 90% of all diseases originate from the intestines. The bacteria in BioBalance7 are good for a good balance between beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria. There are about 1000 species of bacteria in the intestines, all of which have their own function within the intestinal flora. These bacteria must ensure that the intestinal flora remains in balance. Unfortunately, it often occurs that the body is not in balance, so overall resistance can be supported through the daily use of BioBalance7.

What can you expect from BioBalance7:

  • Positive influence on health.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Helps with fatigue.
  • Promotes a healthy and good night’s rest.
  • Prevents bloating after eating.
  • Protects the intestinal wall.
  • Promotes internal cleansing of the intestines and thus promotes good intestinal flora.
  • Delays production of lactic acid in the muscles during training & sports.
  • Creates acids in the intestines in which bad bacteria can not survive.

All this, and naturally, for the maintenance of human health. BioBalance7 is sold in 1-litre bottles and has a shelf life of at least 9 months. Store in a cool and dark place.